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Summer Acting Class

   Summer Acting Class for KIDS

Benefits of Drama Classes for  Children

Acting lessons will give your child an opportunity to really come out of themselves

and let free their own imaginations.

  •    What type of children goes to drama classes? All
  •     Self-expression learned can improve your child’s life skills.
  •     Being part of a group, some children are great working in groups but others are more focus on their own thing.
  •     In class, they will learn how to get involved in the group.
  •     Self Confidence.
  •     Communication Skills.
  •     Confronting fears and overcoming obstacles.
  •     New Friendship.
  •     Bullying Safe Environment.

NOTE:  Our classes are limited to  14 kids per class so they all receive personalized attention and fair participation.

721 N Central Expwy  Suite 418

Plano TX 75075


Week one July- 1 to 5

From 9:00 am to 1: 30 pm



Disclaimer: We are not a daycare. The duration of the class is 2 hours,  parents are welcome to stay or leave upon waiver signed and come back to pick up their kids on time.

Feel free to contact us for more information. CLICK HERE

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This option is for Automatic Billing that includes discount and processing fee is waived.

Select the maximum amount you want to pay each month
Sign up for


This option is for one time payment and includes $6.50 processing fee. (encourage you to sign up for Automatic Billing to avoid fees)



This option is for extra services like extra coaching sessions, taped auditions, private coaching sessions,  demo-reel production packages.




This option is for services such as minimal budget commercials. For major projects contact us to schedule an appointment. 


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Recommended for taped auditions.

Come camera ready.

Light make up , nothing over the top unless requested by casting director.

Woman : neutral base (no shine or glowing , avoid sun screen base  or apply trans lucid powder to set) mascara is fine  but stay away from dark eye shadows .

Male :  You can cover imperfections that are not permanent like some acne or dark circles.  Deep scars need to be visible (you wont believe how many times actors got cast because of this particular flaws)

NO heavy accessories  like big earring or necklaces.


Bring 2 different outfit options:

Avoid stripes, squares, bright colors ,visible branding, any printed shirt will take the attention away from you.

NO PROPS!  (props will scream amateur)  unless specified by casting director.

Be on time !  treat your taped audition as a live audition. (call if running late)


Make sure you had set up a Dropbox account or hightail so we can send out you audition . You can also bring an SD card for us to transfer and you can send it later and keep it as long as you want.

We can use our accounts but storage after a month will not be available .


Read this article to have a better idea of what to wear for your audition.

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Yes! You can Act.

Wondering ?

The art of acting  is something that starts organically and gets polished with the practice of a technique.

Everyone can act, but depends on the passion you put into it .  That passion will define  you as an actor.

The only way you will know if your love for acting is truthful is tasting, feeling, experiencing… start from the beginning of  getting close to it then… take a step forward.

Ones you feel it , you will know if you have a passion for it and then… is time to commit and become the best actor ever!!