Taking Practice to Action

An acting career can be frustrating and difficult. To be considered by professional casting directors or directors, you need to be represented by an agent, and most of the top agencies will require you to demonstrate that you have adequate experience.

Edgar Arreola and Josey Arreola are working actors and have always been passionate about the art of acting, but they also know that it is a difficult road to drive on.

Together, they have booked with tape auditions very important roles in projects like Sicario, Max, Better Call Saul, 2 Guns, Speech & Debate, Our Brand Is Crisis, Fonzo, and Red Band Society.

Our goal is to give the actors the tools to feel confident and be competitive in this long journey.
Explore different techniques and get the best of each of them.
Set professional boundaries.
Assistance with professional image and branding.
Create uniqueness and originality.
How to find representation
Keep yourself active and working.
Edgar is also known for his one-on-one workshop “Acting with an accent. No borders allowed.”

Training is primarily based on the Meisner Method, which taught his students to “live truthfully under given imaginary circumstances.” We also explore other methods through advancement.

We also have an advanced group where we all get together and share goals and experiences.

Personal Coaching for auditions is also offered as “affordable” taping audition services.