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Summer Acting Class

   Summer Acting Class for KIDS

Benefits of Drama Classes for  Children

Acting lessons will give your child an opportunity to really come out of themselves

and let free their own imaginations.

  •    What type of children goes to drama classes? All
  •     Self-expression learned can improve your child’s life skills.
  •     Being part of a group, some children are great working in groups but others are more focus on their own thing.
  •     In class, they will learn how to get involved in the group.
  •     Self Confidence.
  •     Communication Skills.
  •     Confronting fears and overcoming obstacles.
  •     New Friendship.
  •     Bullying Safe Environment.

NOTE:  Our classes are limited to  14 kids per class so they all receive personalized attention and fair participation.

721 N Central Expwy  Suite 418

Plano TX 75075


Week one July- 1 to 5

From 9:00 am to 1: 30 pm



Disclaimer: We are not a daycare. The duration of the class is 2 hours,  parents are welcome to stay or leave upon waiver signed and come back to pick up their kids on time.

Feel free to contact us for more information. CLICK HERE

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