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  1. LOVE it!
    My first time in class I was SUPER nervous but once class started I felt comfortable,.. it’s a very non-judgmental environment for you to practice your skill, you receive supportive criticism to help you improve your skill to help you become the BEST!

    TOTALLY recommend for first timers, the whole class makes you feel like family because you are part of a family!!

  2. Earrtistic Studio is one of a kind. They are like a second family to us. There is nowhere else I’d choose for my daughter and I to pursue our passion. Earrtistic is amazing because they offer their knowledge, experience, and talent to help their students grow and achieve their goals! I highly recommend Earrtistic Studio!

  3. Whether you’re a screen-acting novice who wants to become a pro or a film & TV veteran who wants to hone your craft, this is where the magic happens. Highly recommended!

  4. This studio makes me feel more like a family than a studio. I learn something new with every class I attend. They are really passionate about their work and know how to transfer that passion to make the class more intriguing. If anyone is looking for an acting career I absolutely recommend going here if you live in Dallas.

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